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There are many factors that can cause a bucket to fail such as heavy usage that literally wears away the steel components or due to improper application or hardware. Buckets are pushed to their limits daily, often times working 24 hours a day in extremely rough terrain.

Repair and refurbishment enhance the performance and life of a bucket or attachment at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement while also reducing downtime.

No matter the size or wear damage, we can rebuild or repair any and all damaged areas of your bucket.

We understand the impact of bucket design and performance on your business for maximum life and productivity. From extensive structural repairs to routine wear package components, we can significantly enhance the performance of your bucket, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Replacing cutting edges, worn bottoms or liners on buckets is routine work for us.

Some parts that can be replaced/added to reduce wear and tear to your buckets:

• Cutting edges

• Bucket teeth

• Adapters

• Lip shrouds

• Heel shrouds

• Wing shrouds