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Even with the best of care, machinery pin and bearing bores can wear out, especially in high load hinge points like those found on mining equipment.  They can easily and economically be repaired on-site or in the shop. 

Align-boring is a welding/machining process to repair bores that have been worn out, over sized and irregular shaped.  We are able to build up the inside diameter of the bore with a robotic welding system and machine to the proper size.  Once finished, the bore is ready for new bushings or pins.  The process can be done vertical or horizontal in our shop or yours or on location at the job site.

We specialize in the field of repairing worn and deformed bore bosses, bushings and pins which are extensively used on all types of earth moving machinery, mining equipment and various components in the engineering field. 

We utilize a specialized state-of-the-art portable unit to provide align-boring services directly at the project location.  The use of this latest technology makes on-site align-boring operations faster & easier and enables us to service a broad range of sizes and applications.

Our experience and precision technique won’t leave imperfections which may cause problems later on.

All bores are brought back to original specifications.

Examples of field work:

  • Align-boring boom/stick bosses, buckets, track frames, articulating bosses etc. on heavy equipment
  • Align-boring plant equipment such as rock crushers, processing equipment etc.
  • Weld build-up bosses with automatic bore welder, rebore to O.E.M specifications.

Benefits to using our services:

  • Fully portable
  • On-site service to your work site reduces downtime
  • Efficient and cost-effective service
  • State of the art equipment provides quick setup and use
  • Save money by utilizing our services – avoid purchasing costly equipment
  • Maximize use of critical project equipment
  • Reliable durable equipment, to provide consistent service to all customers

Enhance the life expectancy of your machine with precision align-boring

Why should you bore?

  • Restore worn out and damaged bores
  • To restore proper alignment
  • Correct or change the bore centers